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Privacy Policy

Types of information collected from our visitors on


The data is collected via  Google Analytics primarily used to optimize our website for our visitors, and allow us to monitor how many visitors the site receives.


You can read more about Google Analytics here


Google Analytics collects the following types of information from users:

Type of user agent (web browser) used, software manufacture and version number.

Type of operating system

Screen colours (colour processing ability of the users screen)

Javascript support

Flash version

Screen resolution

Network location and IP address

               Can include country, city, state, region, county, or any other geographic data.


               Bandwidth (internet connection speed)

Time of visit

Pages visited

Time spent on each page of the website

Referring site statistics

The website (URL) the user came through in order to arrive at this website

Search engine query used to find the site.



European Commission's Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive: 25 May 2012

The guidelines laid down by the EU are intended give consumers notice of personal data collection and intended use of data and to control how their data is being used.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has said in an updated version of its advice for websites on how to use cookies  (small text files that are stored on the user's computer ) that websites can assume that users have consented to their use of them. The Guidance states that “The information commissioner recognises that gaining explicit opt-in consent for analytic cookies is difficult and that implied consent might be the most practical and user friendly option”.

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